Quantum Leap Activation Treatments

Source Point Energetic Balancing

An approach to the body designed at restoring the optimum function from which we were conceived. When you restore order to the energetics, there is a balancing for the body systems. With the body balanced there is harmony in your actions, with collective harmony there is in turn positive transformation.

$80 per session

Impulse Massage

The foundation of my bodywork, crafted from the tenants of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cranial Sacral, Source point & Rolfing (structural massage)

$150 per hour
$180 per hour and a half

Awareness Massage

A one hour massage where we go through key points on your body, introducing conscious knowledge to WHY an area is in pain, or is out of balance. When you know why you have a problem, the issue starts to dissolve on its own.

Now the Real Work Begins

Nueral Muscular Release Therapy – Series 1

-Spring Cleaning-

~This is transformational bodywork~

NMRT is a master modality attuned from Eastern and Western therapies bringing you full spectrum recovery/maintenance. The series is designed to help you rebound from decades of neural wear and tear. (Click here to learn more) the first series is broken up into two sessions (of about 4 hours each) it is split over 2 days in which you are encouraged to dive into any blocks/issues holding you back so you may transcend them.

Contact for a Consultation

Special Summer 2017 Offer of $1250

$1500 for the first series

$300 per hour for NMRT

Highlight Treatments

Organic Face Lift & Spinal Decompression Sequences are the standouts of the Neural Muscular work.
By popular demand, they are available on their own!

Organic Face Lift includes detailed facial work, decompression of the cervical spine and shoulder girdle.

The Spinal Sequence includes treatment of the anterior and posterior vertebral column as well as balancing the organ systems.

$350 per session