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Personal Experiences

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“From the moment I received this work I knew my life would be forever changed. My body speaks to me in a way that I can now hear. What words can't express is expressed through the feelings and I feel gratitude for this wondrous machine we call a body and for all the clients who embark on a journey of self exploration.
May we all live long and prosper. ””

Alex Anderson

“Alex took the time to help me to notice that my entire right side seemed bathed in the fountain of youth, seemingly split down the spine everything on the right felt completely alive, tingly, and fully connected. The left side however had noticeable spots of pain which I was unconscious of prior to this work. My spine felt calcified and twisted on the left, and capable of gymnastics on the right side, all after only one hour. Gratitude is the attitude.”

Sandra Davey

“I so appreciate your absolute focus in the face of my resistance, I felt your profound love akin to that of the shamans in the shadows urging us on. Thank you!”

Jani Deal

“This is profound bodywork beyond massage or Rolfing. You must be ready for it, as it not for everyone. It is a physical and emotional journey of pain, pleasure, activation, release, and transformation. The jaw sequence is mind blowing and released years of tension and anger stored in my jaw. I can open my jaw more smoothly now, am not clenching, and haven't had a headache since treatment. Overall, the entire treatment sequence has left my body feeling lighter, more flexible, and open everywhere. I didn't realize how much constant chronic pain I felt every day until I didn't feel it anymore.”

Jen Oxenham

“This work is a step up from Rolfing. My body feels more "alive" and I can feel the difference in the limbs that have been released vs. The limbs or areas of the body that have not.
At the end I felt as though my body was completely emptied of all stress, trauma, & troubles. I feel at peace.”

David Lyle

“Within the first 15 minutes, I knew I'd be a life-long client.”

Craig Caplin

“After clearing one arm, the difference between weightlessness and dead weight was exceedingly clear.
Thank you, Alex!”

Julie Doerr